The Wild Watercolor Workshop is all about splashy, spontaneous fun in the
studio with guided instruction and tutorials in new methods and materials.

A quick sketch of a still life set-up, photographic references, or the view
outside my studio windows and we are all set to begin painting together side
by side with large brushes, sponges, rags, and the addition of interesting
elements like sprinkled salt and splashes of alcohol to create interesting

This workshop is for beginners and advanced painters who want to get back to
the joy of painting. Create work in a fun and supportive environment where
the goal is to be spontaneous and free and less rigidly structured in your

There are no “oops” moments in this fun and engaging workshop, and you are
guaranteed to walk away with a refreshed perspective and hopefully a new
skill or two that inspires you toward further exploration of water media.


Private or group sessions are two hours in my gorgeous, light-filled studio in
Glen Echo, Maryland. Schedule private time with me or bring a friend or two
for an inspiring and engaging artistic outing.

The Wild Watercolor Workshop
$85.00 Bring your own materials and paint side by side with me in the studio.
$130.00 Bring your creativity and I will supply all the materials needed to
create a finished work of art that you can take home with you at the end of
our painting session.

To Schedule

Contact the artist in her studio and gallery in Glen Echo.
Or call Judith HeartSong at 240-481-5034 to schedule either a one-time
workshop or an ongoing series of classes that will free up your creativity and
jump-start your inspiration.