These workshops are a hit with student and professional groups (including
healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies) and people of all ages,
no creative experience required.

Roll up your sleeves and dive into glorious watercolor in the company of
friends or co-workers, and discover a whole new spin on team-building. You’ll
have the opportunity to explore a variety of watercolor paint applications
and unusual additions (like salt and rubbing alcohol) in juicy living color.
Squishy fun is guaranteed for all in a memorable shared experience.
Sessions are two hours.

$120.00 per person. Call the artist to discuss group size and scheduling.

To Schedule

Contact the artist in her studio and gallery in Glen Echo.
Or call Judith HeartSong at 240-481-5034 to schedule either a one-time
workshop or an ongoing series of classes that will free up your creativity and
jump-start your inspiration.