From a gorgeous original acrylic painting to an incredible handmade limited edition
thread painting offered through
Transformational Threads. Peacock Crimson has
been licensed for a limited edition run of extraordinary custom needlework  rendered
into colorful, richly detailed, highly textured embroidery "paintings" (also known as
thread paintings or needle paintings).
Transformational Threads is celebrating its first
anniversary by licensing the image of Maryland painter Judith
Olivia HeartSong's "Peacock". Expected to arrive this fall,
before the holiday season, "Peacock" in thread will be available
in a first edition of 25.

This extraordinary custom needlework, which beautifully
captures the bold red coloring and fine detail or the original
acrylic, will be sized 20 inches x 20 inches. When
hand-stretched and matted, the finished, ready-to-frame piece
will be 24 inches x 24 inches. Each hand-made piece, consisting
of hundreds and hundreds of hand-dyed threads covering the
entire ground, will retail for $365.00, plus 5% Virginia sales tax
($18.25); handling and shipping charges will be added as

Orders may be placed in advance. A 50% reserve deposit
($182.50 plus 5% tax) is required, with the balance due on
notice of the edition's arrival.

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Every embroidery painting is
hand-made in Vietnam, exclusively for
Transformational Threads, by highly
skilled artisans who work from either a
color photograph (most often) or a
computerized image of the original
artwork. The custom process begins
with creation of a sample of the licensed
image, a task requiring from two
months to four months of painstaking
work, depending on the complexity of
the image, the image size, the number of
different threads required to faithfully
and artistically render the image in the
necessary colors, and the fabric used
(cotton). The embroiderer studies the
image carefully to understand the
structure of the image and its
inspiration, the better to conceive,
intuitively, the arrangement of what will
be a highly textured re-creation in
thread on cloth.
The artist is pleased to announce
her most recent partnership with
Transformational Threads to
produce beautiful limited edition
thread paintings inspired by
Peacock Crimson.
Custom editions in sizes 16x16 inches and 12x12 inches will be
considered, if interest warrants, with each edition limited to 25
pieces. ("Peacock" in thread is limited to a maximum of 100
pieces, in whatever combination of sizes exists.) Needlework
sized 16x16 will be priced at $220.00, plus 5% Virginia sales
tax ($11.00); that sized 12x12 will be priced at $175.00, plus
5% Virginia sales tax ($8.75), with handling and shipping
charges assessed as necessary. A reserve deposit of 50% will be
required. PLEASE NOTE: Transformational Threads will
arrange for the smaller sized editions to be created once it has
at least 15 customer orders on file.

Contact Maureen E. Doallas at
Transformational Threads.

September, 2010