Enjoy one-on-one painting time in the studio. Bring your own materials and
references and enjoy the light, sample a few of my materials with guidance
and instruction, or let me provide everything you need for an exploration of
art and creativity. Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media.  Sessions are two hours.

$85.00 Paint-Along with your own materials and receive guidance and
instruction as we work together in the studio.
$100.00 Paint-Along with your materials and sample your choice of three
studio artist materials.
$125.00 Paint-Along with all supplies and materials included to finish a
water-media piece of art to take with you.

To Schedule

Contact the artist in her studio and gallery in Glen Echo.
Or call Judith HeartSong at 240-481-5034 to schedule either a one-time
workshop or an ongoing series of classes that will free up your creativity and
jump-start your inspiration.