Romantic Pop

I have been working as a professional artist for thirty years now, after a public school education
in which my focus was completely art-centric. As a child I was always out in nature, in the woods
and along the creek beds of northern Pennsylvania. I developed a sense of awe and respect for
the natural world early on and that devotion has never wavered.

Special allowances were made in the course of my education to provide art instruction and the
time I needed to focus on it. I studied privately with some tremendous artists and worked with
every sort of material I could get my hands on to build my knowledge of mediums.

Plants and flowers fascinated me with their lush shapes and wonderful colors, and I was always
interested in looking at botanical renderings and nature studies. To me they were often cold and
impersonal, and that was not how I saw nature. I became captivated with trying to capture and
share the world as I saw it.